Lifting Equipment Ireland & UK – Fresh Look

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Sublift is bring a new look to  lifting equipment and to the lifting industry in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

By now most of you are wondering whats going on with Sublift ?

Yes there has been many changes here at Sublift, one being we have got ourselves a brand new mobile friendly website.

Our team works on this on a daily basis to bring you fresh and new information when it comes to lifting equipment in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

We also got ourselves a fancy new office right in the heart of Cork City.

Which at Sublift we call it the “Mothership”.

It will be our flag ship office supporting our offices in Dublin and the United Kingdom.

So whats the big difference Sublift brings to the table compared to your traditional lifting company ?

As requested by industry and with the backing from stakeholders, partners, and investors we are bringing you a headache free lifting solution that will let you get on with your job and let us look after the lifting equipment.

Its called “Lease Plan your on site Lifting Equipment”.

You can lease from us lifting equipment such as chain hoists, pallet trucks, overhead cranes, swing jibs, vacuum lifting systems, chain blocks, lever hoist and so much more.

How does it work?  Well its simple!

We will lease you lifting equipment  and we will cover the maintenance, repairs, parts, certification and so on.

The beauty about all this, its cheaper than what you would buy it for initially.

At this point i can see you reading this and saying, “your pulling my leg” but seriously i am not joking.

For the past 6 months or so our R&D department at Sublift have been working with highly trained specialists in this area along with working with existing clients to bring lease plans to mainstream.

We can tailor all our lease plans to suit your needs.

Just pick up the phone and call us. We will be there in a jiffy to tell you all about leasing lifting equipment and the benefits it will give your company on the bottom line.

Finally tell your finance department you found a company who will lease you lifting equipment and they will love you for it.

Just ask them why is leasing good for a company and they will tell you why;)

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