Chain Hoists, we love Chain Hoists.

JD Neuhaus Air Chain Hoist

Here at Sublift we have to admit the chain hoist is our favourite product. In fact we do get excited when people mention chain hoists. It is part of our lifting equipment range where you can lease or buy the item in Ireland or the UK.  The brands that we promote at Sublift are,  Yale Electric Chain Hoists and the JD Neuhaus Air Chain Hoists.

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Lifting Equipment Ireland & UK – Fresh Look

Sublift is bring a new look to  lifting equipment and to the lifting industry in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

By now most of you are wondering whats going on with Sublift ?

Yes there has been many changes here at Sublift, one being we have got ourselves a brand new mobile friendly website.

Our team works on this on a daily basis to bring you fresh and new information when it comes to lifting equipment in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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